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Maya Bialik LLC provides several different consulting packages for schools looking to strategically redesign their approach to curriculum and create meaningful education.


Curriculum is critical, yet most schools don’t have a cohesive strategy. Maya Bialik LLC helps schools think strategically about their curriculum choices and the way they are operationalized in the school climate, helping teachers and students get the most out of the way the curriculum is implemented.


Mix-n-Match or start with one and then do more as desired: Every school is different, with its unique goals and logistical constraints. MBLLC will work with you to figure out how best to schedule and price whichever options are chosen.


Core Offerings:

Leadership Curriculum Strategy Meetings

Three meetings with the leadership team on the goals and approaches of their curriculum model as a cohesive unit.

  • Meeting 1: The Why

    • Goals of our school’s curriculum

    • Snapshot of current landscape & impact

  • Meeting 2: The What

    • Role of disciplinary objectives

    • Role of interdisciplinarity

  • Meeting 3: The How

    • Role of student and teacher autonomy

    • Role of competencies

Teacher Professional Development

  • What’s the Point? In your favorite lesson plan:

    • What are the content and competency learning objectives?

    • Why are these important?

    • How can we know if we are achieving our goals?

  • Why do we teach your discipline?

    • What does it mean to think like a scientist/artist/historian/mathematician?

  • Review results of Curriculum Snapshot (optional - see below)

    • See if there is a match to student perceptions

    • Discuss mismatches and how to improve those that could be improved 

  • Improving lesson plans together 

    • Work in groups on lesson plan case studies




Student workshop(s) or ongoing support based on surveys

  • Learn competencies: Metacognition, Curiosity, Self Efficacy, Time management through homework help

  • Learn to learn: Find deeper meaning in  your work: learn about the kinds of lenses you can bring to your work that will consistently motivate you.


Curriculum Snapshot

Conduct Surveys of the
Curriculum aspect of School Climate

  • of students about their most and least meaningful assignments / the meaning level of their last 5 assignments

  • of teachers about their most and least meaningful assignments / the meaning level of their last 2 assignments




Individualized Instructional Coaching 

  • Before the class: 

    • Workshop curriculum unit plans

    • Facilitate synergistic unit planning across classes

  • Observe the class with a meaningful learning lens and debrief afterwards



Review and Publish Teacher-Created Curriculum 

  • Review of teacher’s most innovative units through the lens of deeper learning, interdisciplinarity, cohesion, and repeatability with quantitative and qualitative scoring and feedback

  • Publishing 1-2 units per subject per year into a polished open-source curriculum.

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