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Maya Bialik LLC

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Making connections is central to a teacher's role. But too often, there is not enough space to plan and collaborate. I create the space for productive risk-taking and organic collaborations that result in more holistic learning experiences.


Decisions about what must be learned are challenging to make in a vacuum, and it's tempting to rely on "the way it's always been done". I inject a healthy dose of fresh perspective and asking challenging questions, helping to push curriculum to be more meaningful.


Expanding the different motivating factors by making connections to other content, to concepts, to competencies, to careers, etc., students can learn to find meaning in their assignments.


EdTech is a booming field. As a fellow bootstrapped entrepreneur, I advise founders on strategy within the education system as well as strategy on the design of experiences for learning, offering my perspective as both a teacher and a researcher.


I help curriculum designers create learning experiences that not only address the standards but make them relevant, address students holistically, and leave room for teacher creativity.


Brilliant discoveries are made in classrooms and laboratories every day, and yet the communication channels between the two are strained. I advise researchers on promising educational interventions and on the constraints of the classroom.



Since earning my M.Ed. in Mind, Brain, & Education from Harvard in 2012, I have been collaborating with educational organizations around the world to make their work more meaningful and easeful. Most recently, I've created QuestionWell AI to help teachers leverage AI in their lesson prep. I love bringing to bear my academic background in the learning sciences as well as my improv background as a performer, coach, director, and teacher —  to help groups think critically about current patterns and creatively about what's possible. That can mean anything from training on AI, embedding competencies to re-thinking the role of a discipline in the curriculum, learning through play, designing for intrinsic motivation, or coming up with creative ways to collect evidence of learning.

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Top 4 Current Projects


Teaching at BC High

Maya is finishing her third year of developing interdisciplinary, future-facing STEM curriculum and incorporating technology into her classroom both for her students and for herself as a teacher


PhD at Boston University

Maya's PhD starts in the fall and will be focused on AI and Education, how it can be used ethically, and whether it can improve mental health outcomes for teachers and students. She is actively open to collaborations and new ideas!


QuestionWell AI

Maya has been working with her husband to develop QuestionWell AI, an AI tool that helps teachers write questions about any topic, based on any reading, video, or presentation, and lets them export to any platform.


Writing a new book

Along with her co-author, Peter Nilsson, Maya has started working on her third book. The focus will be on the theory and practice of integrating generative AI into the classroom across three settings: the teacher, the students, and the classroom.


High School Affiliated to Beijing International Studies University


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Maya has a unique ability to doggedly "ask why 5 times", to get to root causes. Then, once root causes are identified, she will creatively work at devising answers. Her wide-ranging education in the learning, social and biological sciences, coupled with an incisive intellect, are powerful tools to spot analogies and differences, gaps and overlaps, while exploring possibilities and honing in on solutions.

Charles Fadel

Founder & Chairman

Center for Curriculum Redesign


I first met Maya when she facilitated a professional development workshop that changed the trajectory of my career. On teams under her leadership in the three years since, I have engaged in some of the most intellectually challenging and rewarding work I’ve ever completed. Maya elevates the performance of those she works with by asking critical and probing questions while generating a contagious enthusiasm and energy for the work. Put simply, when Maya sets her mind to something, she will accomplish it. Remarkably, she also possesses a joyful disposition, love of life, sense of humor, and general positivity in a way I rarely see with people of her academic rigor.

Robbie Taylor

Educational Consultant

Former Technology Teacher
at Austin Preparatory School


Maya's experiences give her fresh perspectives, which she readily uses to deepen discussions. She skillfully listens and naturally organizes any large set of ideas into elegant and usable frameworks, drawing connections and clarifying the core of the conversation. No matter the content, she is a joy to work with and immediately became indispensable to our team.

Myra Laldin

Founder & CEO



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